Get the world’s #1 solution for employee motivation to Improve Engagement Boost Performance Increase Profitability and find your MOJO at work!

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What really motivates you (and your employees)?

Workplace satisfaction and productivity are at all-time lows. Employee stress and anxiety are at new highs. Retaining, developing, recognizing and MOTIVATING talent has never been more important.

FindMojo’s Motivators Assessment is foundational for solving these and other common employee challenges. Whether you have a few members on your team or thousands, you’ll discover how easily our workplace motivation solutions immediately identify each employee’s primary motivations.

Knowing what motivates every person is just the beginning. Applying newly discovered Motivators is the key. Our proven job sculpting strategies will align each individual’s Motivators with their job responsibilities and tasks, and help you take your organization to a whole new level.


Solutions for everyone

Whether you just want to find that spark in your own career, need to rally your team, or want to transform an entire organization, FindMojo’s Motivators Assessment is the world’s most extensive and scientific tool to help everyone identify their unique blend of core workplace motivators.

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Discover your core Motivators and what gets you excited at work, regardless of your current role or work situation.
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Create team unity and drive productivity by better understanding your team’s motivational synergies, uniqueness, and cautions.
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Utilize the Motivators Assessment to scale and measure employee motivation with all employees across your entire business.

Everything starts with motivation

Despite the best organizational and leadership efforts, employees are still disengaging in droves and struggling to find satisfaction, and therefore productivity in your organization. Today, this disengagement is known as “quiet quitting.”

Fortunately, the Motivators Assessment gives employees workplace engagement and motivation strategies, enabling them to feel more connected to their work. It’s literally the roadmap to optimize your business by ensuring the development of your people. Just check out some of these amazing benefits:

  • Build and keep incredible employees
  • Discover what really drives your sales people
  • Uncover blind spots that cause misunderstandings
  • Embrace your team’s motivational diversity
  • Boost employee effectiveness and output
  • Make employee recognition really count
  • Create greater connection to your employee’s work
  • Establish employee and team resilience

And much, much more!


Just 3 easy steps to personal and team motivation!

Take the Motivators Assessment
The Motivators Assessment consists of 100 scientifically validated questions and only takes a few minutes to complete.
View your detailed report
Discover where you and your employees thrive at work and learn how to enhance your value and accomplish more on your comprehensive 40-page report.
Apply your motivators
Align your current work with your Motivators and do more of what you love and less of what frustrates you and your employees. Implement on your own, or allow us to help you develop a tailored plan of action for your business.

Qualify to get a FREE Motivators Assessment ($60 value)!

Tell us a little about you or your business and we’ll show you how the Motivators Assessment can help you or your team find your mojo at work!

Is this for you, your team or your organization?

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How does the Motivators Assessment compare to other assessments?
Where Strengths-based assessments (such as Gallup’s CliftonStrengths) measure talents (what we’re good at), and Personality-based assessments (such as DISC, Color Code, etc.) help you understand how you interact with others (who we are), Motivators show you what you’re passionate about, what you enjoy at work, and what really drives you—at a very detailed level.
Do motivators change over time?
Yes! The Motivators Assessment measures what’s most important to you in your work right now. What’s important today may not be as important in the future. While some Motivators may remain constant throughout our lives, other Motivators can change frequently.
How often should someone take the Motivators Assessment?
It depends. Typically, most individuals check the assessment a couple of times a year. However, as new events in our lives and jobs occur it could change our Motivators more rapidly.
Do I have to be currently employed to take the Motivators Assessment and get results?
No. While the Motivators Assessment was built to help working adults, many of the concepts are universal. As such, individuals who are not in the workforce will still benefit. Thousands of students and teenagers have taken the assessment and found it very confirming and insightful.
What languages is the Motivators Assessment available in?
The Motivators Assessment is currently available in English, Spanish, Hebrew, and Turkish, with more languages coming.